Earlier this year, a group of around 180 YWAM leaders and elders gathered in Battambang, Cambodia for a Leadership Summit.  These were young and emerging leaders coming from many Asia nations, meeting up with an amazing group of some of the most experienced YWAM elders in Asia Pacific.  The purpose of the summit?  To learn from one another about leadership – in a highly interactive, small-group, face-to-face setting.

We’re looking forward to having you join us in 2020!

When and where will the next Leadership Summit be?  

Jan 12th – 17th, 2020 in Battambang, Cambodia

The theme? Leadership in a Digital Age

Increasingly, our lives and ministry are being influenced by technology.  The impact of social media is huge – especially with the younger generations. We need to understand the challenges and ministry opportunities presented by technology, to learn how to best care for ourselves (self leadership), and how to lead others in a technological world .  Therefore, the theme for the Leadership Summit in Jan 2020 will be “Leadership in a Digital Age”.


Let’s learn together across the generations.  Please invite and plan to come with your leadership team and/or any emerging leaders you may be mentoring.

Click HERE to register for the 2020 ALLC Leadership Summit.

For the latest information be sure to check allc.asia/eventsALLC Facebook page or write us at [email protected].

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Living in a Beautiful but Broken World
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If you’re awake and paying the slightest bit of attention you will have noticed that we live in a beautiful but very broken world. This was brought to our notice once again very suddenly with the devastating earthquake and tsunami that struck northern Japan. One moment life is beautiful; the next it’s very broken. A similar story could be told of recent events in Christchurch, NZ. And no one will ever forget the events of 2004 in Aceh on Sumatra Island, Indonesia. It’s not just earthquakes and it’s not just in the Asia & Pacific field. It’s a recurring story throughout this amazing yet fallen world in which we live….more

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