Our desire at YWAM.Asia is to build a safe and friendly online community. Our expectation is that you as a member will be a positive influence here and so we have created some guidelines for you below.

Note: If you start behaving badly may ban you from the Network without notice … and we really don’t like doing that.

1. Be positive in your communication with other members. If you need to communicate with others in a way that may come across as private or in any way confrontational please use the “Send Private Message” function.

2. Don’t harass or demean other members. Any racial, sexual, or intolerant remarks will probably result in instant banning.

3. Please don’t ask for donations from other Members or site visitors without asking permission from site admin first. This includes links to donation pages or direct requests (i.e. please help me with my outreach fees).

4. If you have any concerns with YWAM.Asia as an organisation or any of our policies or procedures then please approach the people involved and try and work through these issues with them. (See Matthew 18:15-17) rather than uploading grievances directly to this web site.

5. Don’t upload any content on the web site that you don’t have ownership of or isn’t otherwise allowed through other licensing means. If in doubt leave it out.

6. Don’t upload content that isn’t suitable for viewing or reading by the average 13 year old Please help to keep this a safe and friendly place for everyone. If you see stuff here that isn’t right then please report the issue to admin.

7. Enjoy