Children at risk

2020, 6 April to 26 June 2020, there is to be a Children at Risk School in Cebu, Philippines, led by Johan & Jeannette Lukasse.

Johan and I are really looking forward to come and give this school, as we believe it is a really important school to offer in the Philippines, for those who want to be used by God to make a difference in the lives of children who are experiencing trauma and injustice.

Johan and I started a big YWAM base in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, where the focus was on working with children at risk. We had ministries to street children, children with HIV/Aids, deaf children, children and families in slums (community development centres), Kings Kids, an adoption ministry, a drug rehabilitation ministry, etc. We led this base for 29 years. But now we understand it is a time for us to teach about our experiences, and what we learned, the good and the bad, so that next generations of YWAM staff may be trained and equipped to work with children at risk. We have had this school in Belo Horizonte since 1989, and through the years it has only became better, with many experienced teachers. Here are the teaching subjects:

1. God’s heart for children (how God sees children) and understanding more of God’s love, justice, mercy and compassion.
2, Understanding the different groups of children at risk (refugee children, street children, orphans, abused children, children with special needs, etc) and strategies to work with them, their families and their communities.
3. Biblical world view, and why it matters in working with children.
4. Value of girls and women around the world, and why it matters.
5. Identity and sexuality for children and teenagers, and how to help them.
6. Sexual abuse: how to prevent, recognize and help.
7. Families: healthy vs dysfunctional families, ministries to families and Kings Kids.
8. Rearing children in a loving and healthy way, including Godly discipline.
9. Trauma and resilience: using practical tools for grief and trauma counseling with children, and how to build up their resilience.
10. Combating human trafficking: understanding the problem and learning different ways to take action.
11. Family-based care vs institutional care, as well as promoting adoption and foster care.
12. Community development: how to help transform slums and refugee camps; pitfalls and good practice.
13. Teaching children: how to plan your lessons understanding the different types of intelligence and gifting in children
14. Strategies for intervention and transformation: the arts, creativity, sports, etc.
15. Child evangelism: storytelling, puppet making, etc.
16. Advocacy and legal issues: child protection in children at risk ministries
17. Mental and social health for the child: attachment, suicide, bullying, addiction, internet/media use.
18. Basic health care and nutrition for children and teenagers.
19. Project development, governance, communication and fundraising for a ministry to children at risk.
20. Spiritual and character development; self-care for the caretaker.

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